Garden Sites

The club maintains garden sites at public and non-profit locations in Asheville to beautify the grounds and enhance the image of the community.

Asheville Community Theater

This site is located at the Asheville Community Theater at 35 East Walnut Street in Asheville.  The horticultural plantings are  supplied by the Club and members of the Club maintain the site throughout the year.

Reuter Center on UNCA campus

The Garden Club recently included a portion of the grounds surrounding the Reuter Center on the UNCA campus in Asheville for beautification.  The Club provided the labor and some materials to plant trees and shrubs on the site, and to install a stone walkway.  The Club continues to maintain that portion of the site.

Beaver Lake

At Beaver Lake in North Asheville, members of the Club have landscaped and continue to maintain  beautification sites near the spillway on the northeast side of the lake and near the location of the warden’s station.

Rathburn Center

Extensive landscaping and planting of perennials and bushes to create a more relaxed and peaceful setting for the Rathburn Center was accomplished by the Club.  The Club members continue to assist in maintaining this site.

The Rathburn Center is a hospital hospitality house which accepts guests on a referral basis from hospital social workers, clergy, and physicians.

Azalea Park

The Club will be providing plant materials and labor to beautify the area near the club house at the entrance to the City soccer fields on Azalea Road in Asheville The Club will be providing continuing maintenance of the planted area.

Smith-McDowell House Museum

The club has plans for a joint enterprise with A.B.Tech and Western Carolina Historical Association to restore the grounds surrounding Smith-McDowell House Museum on the A.B.Tech campus to the intent of the original concept design created by Frederick Olmstead.  Olmstead was the designer for the Vanderbilt Estate in Asheville.  The first activity is an inventory of the present plantings at the site.

Other Sites

The Club is also providing assistance in developing and maintaining landscaping at HelpMate, a residence facility for mentally challenged persons; and has recently provided materials and labor to enhance bear habitat at the Nature Center in Asheville.




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