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2014 Container Garden Contest Announcement

K-5 classes or school clubs in Buncombe County and Asheville are invited to participate in the 2014 Container Garden Contest sponsored by the Men’s Garden Club of Asheville.  Here’s a chance for young people to have fun and to learn about growing plants through hands-on experience.

Entries will be judged on their creativity, amount of student effort involved, overall display and eye appeal, and young people’s presentation of the project to the judges.  Cash prizes and ribbons go to classes or clubs that receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd place or honorable mention rankings.

Containers are any object that is portable, holds soil and living plants, and provides a good growing space for plants.  Containers may range from flower pots to shoes to hats to you-name-it.  More than one container may be used in an entry.

The young people may select plants from a wide range of possibilities, including flowering and fruiting plants, cactus, vines, and many vegetables.

Contest schedule:

1.  March 21 is the deadline for declaring in an e-mail that your class or group plants to participate in the contest.  Send your e-mail to contest coordinator Len Pardue at eljeep129@charter.net.  Please include the teacher’s or adviser’s name, class or club, school’s name, and contact information (including e-mail address.)

2.  By April 21, teachers or club advisers should e-mail the contest coordinator, providing the titile and a brief description of the entry and a digital photo of the entry. Entrants should feel free to keep journals or notebooks that describe or show how their entriy has progressed and record lessons learned.  This is optional and not required.

The Men’s Garden Club will make appointments for judges to review entries starting May 5.  Visits will last no more than 20 minutes.  Judges welcome hearing students discuss what they have done and learned.  Judges may take digital photos of entries.

The Men’s Garden Club reserves the right to use photos of entries on its web-site and in its news letter, and to distribute photos and contest information to local news media.

Contest prizes are ribbons for all winners, and up to three $75.00 awards for Best of Show, three $50.00 second place awards, three $25.00 third place awards, and three $15.00 honorable mention awards.  Not all prizes may be awarded each year.

Decision of judges are final and deliberations are confidential.

All responses to this announcement will be acknowledged, and occasional follow-up e-mails will be sent to participants.

Happy gardening!

2013 Container Garden Winners

The judges deliberated for two hours to determine winners of the 2013 contest. Because the projects were so outstanding, it was difficult to choose the top nine. Judging was based on creativity, , originality, effort, over-all display, and “hands on” input from the children. There were almost fifty exhibits in this year’s contest.

  • Blue Ribbon Winners: $75.00 Prize
  • Red Ribbon Winners: $50.00 Prize
  • Yellow Ribbon Winners: $25.00 Prize

Best of Show/Blue Ribbon:

Claxton Elementary, Roots and Wings, Grade 2, Asheville
(Justin Williams)
Planets-Solar System

Issac Dickson Elementary, Grade 4, Asheville
(Peggy Genova/Bonnie Sheldon)
Rainbow of Colors-How Math is Connected to Nature

Hominy Valley Elementary, Grade 1, Candler
(Jeanine Del Greco, Susan Keith, Stephanie Stuart, Vicki Teague, Nina Veteto)
Sun Dial-Darkness-Light

Honorable Mention/Red Ribbon:

Ira B. Jones Elementary, Asheville, Grade 4 Art Club
(Vicki Hall)
Fairy Garden-Variety of Moss

Claxton Elementary, Grade 1, Asheville
(Sharolyn Curenton)
Look What’s Cooking

Leicester Elementary, First Grade, Leicester
(Norma Welsh)
Handmade Pots with flowers

Honorable Mention/Yellow ribbon

Vance Elementary School, 1st Grade, Asheville(Norma Hawes)
Kitchen Garden

Claxton Elementary School, 3rd Grade, Roots and Wings Club, Asheville(Brooks Butler and Karen Hall)
Man with guitar

Fairview Elementary School, grades 3-5, Fairview(Judith Naisang)
Garden on wheels

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