President’s Corner

Randy Harter

I am looking forward to an exciting year of activities of the Men’s Garden Club.  Milford Shaver, Board Historian, begins a series of planning meetings in preparation of the 75th anniversary of the Club.  Nelson Sobel, our President-Elect, has already organized a full slate of monthly programs which will include a variety of interesting speakers and topics.

In addition to good food, fellowship, and informative programs at our monthly meetings, the club offers a number of other opportunities for good times and public service.  Ted Faber, Director of our Horticultural Center, has ordered plants that the members will be transplanting and nurturing in preparation for plant sales at the Botanical Center of Asheville and in Black Mountain.  Ken Roth, our Plant Sale Director, is managing the plant sales this year.  Plant sale proceeds fund a large part of two scholarships for horticulture students at Blue Ridge Community College and Mayland Tech.  Education Support Director Ross Jones supervises that program.

Alan Williams, Special Projects Director, will be again be supervising the School Container Garden Contest; and Robert Thatcher, Beautification Sites Director will be providing leadership in the management of beautification sites throughout the community.

Gerry Hardesty, Membership Director, and Joel Suttles, Publications Director, have put together the 2013 directory of the club which is available to all members.

On behalf of the other club officers, Nelson Sobel, Tom Mills, Chris Amato, and Denny Frasche’, I encourage all to be in touch with the activities of the Club through this web-site and our monthly SeedPod newsletter.

Use this web-site and the Seed Pod to be in touch with


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